Dr Malik Haruna King is a medical doctor who writes on issues of health in such a way that the layman can easily understand without the jargons. He demystifies many technical issues and makes them easy for the readers and the audience to be able to practice.

He has progressed from the young askance young man seeking a way to make impact as I knew him in medical school to one who has looked beyond personal challenges and issues to consistently contribute to individuals and the society.

He epitomizes what we have always sought to imbibe in our students and colleagues, i.e to be the change we always seek and be people of value. I therefore recommend him to anyone seeking his professional services and training.

Dr Okonoda Kingsley Mayowa, MBChB (Ife), FWACP (Psych).
Lecturer and Consultant Psychiatrist,
Department of Psychiatry,
Jos University Teaching Hospital, Jos.

Dr. 'Malik Haruna King writes on topical issues seen as taboo & no-go areas in the Nigerian and African communities. He is as daring in his approach as he is insightful. He takes an otherwise complex matter and lays it bare to the readers of his articles.

Over the short period I have known him, I have observed his consistency, dependability, as well as his passion and zest in demystifying otherwise cloudy health and lifestyle issues to the average person.

I therefore do not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone who needs his expert consultation or advice.

Innocent Usar.

Lifestyle Coach.
Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP.
CEO InnocentMinds International.

As a growing child, I wasn't overly bothered about health issues. I was an active young man, free-spirited and living life as if sicknesses never existed. I was hardly sick.

It took the doctor's warning at the age of 30 about my blood pressure to come to terms with the need to pay attention to my lifestyle. Working in a company brought about a sedentary lifestyle and living mostly on processed foods. From what I had read from health sources, that needed to be addressed seriously.

However, there's so much information on the medical landscape that can get one confused. A lot of conflicting stories abound that one can't know which to hold on.

It was at that point about 2 years ago that I came upon Dr. Malik's blog. The name of his blog (Mouth-to-Mouth) came off as a resuscitatory appeal to my senses. He had been part of a BBM group where I was taught essentials of blogging. I went over and read his posts and I knew the young man made so much sense.

I've grown a personal relationship with Dr. Malik since then. I'm glad that he's consistently sharing and dishing medical tips that are very helpful to humanity. Some of his tweets come off as comical being that he researches into some things that we never think were important. A peep into his Twitter profile with amaze you.

I don't recommend stuff that I haven't tasted and felt. I've gained from the blog and I can stand on the highest mountain to trumpet its value to the world. Take heed and subscribe to that blog today.

Emeka Nobis.

Writer and Thought Leader.
"I raise exceptional thoughts leader for the society and organisations."

‎I had acquired a dozen new shirts and my body almost instantly reacted to my wearing them. My skin was full of rashes that itch badly and I was really perturbed. Then I called Dr. Malik.

In his pragmatic, calm approach, he asked me questions in a procedural manner that deeply impressed me. In fact, he revealed the link between my dilemma and the shirts I bought. His counsel afterwards was a 'no brainer'. It worked.

Every post Dr Malik shares is provocative, blunt, raw, and instructive. Hate them or like them, the posts give a sense of direction and relief. I read them. I advise that you do, too.‎

Coach samOBAFEMI
Behavioural Change Advisor
president, SOBCA

I like the way Dr. 'Malik writes -- concise, straight-to-the-point, and simple. I have known him from his internship days; he is smart, tactful and a highly cerebral colleague!

No doubt he is bound to make waves sooner than later! Mark my words!
Dr. Afolayan Femi
Registrar, Internal Medicine
University Hospital Geelong,
Barwon Health,
Victoria, Australia.

Dr. Malik's posts over the years have been most helpful in really understanding the cause and cure of ailments that afflict a person.

He demystify and unravels the world of medical science in a simple and straightforward manner. I'll most definitely be glad to introduce him and his blog to several others. Already my wife is a avid follower.

Keep up the great work! I believe that this is only the beginning for a great mind like this. For as many seeds of health, vitality and inspiration as you have sown, so shall you reap in proportionate measure.‎

Ebuka Anichebe
Jean-Paul & Associates Consultancy

I've known Dr 'Malik for quite some years now, and I've always known him to be a "different kind of doctor". He is attentive and thorough in his duties.

Dr 'Malik's bold attempt to practice his noble profession in a unique way is remarkable and indeed successful by all measures.

Doctors, after all, are primarily teachers. And that's what Dr 'Malik is doing very well -- arming his audience with a wealth of knowledge in order to improve their daily lives. In the information age, I believe his impact is even yet to be felt.

I have recommended Dr 'Malik's website to several people who need simple information on health and wellness issues and I recommend him to you too.

Dr. M. H. Mahe,
Registrar in Radiology,
ATBUTH, Bauchi